Mike Preston Associates

is a creative organisation which delivers a full range of project management, evaluation and design solutions

About Us

We are experienced designers of publications, web based material and promotional work, we are photographers and copywriters too.

We have experience and expertise in digital art, lighting, spatial design, ceramics, metalwork, concrete and textiles.

We help students to design outstanding learning spaces. We also promote the use of spaces by students and the wider community - often generating additional income for the school.

We help to reshape urban and rural environments through consultation, workshops and design.

We create design briefs and evaluation projects and services too.

Our clients include Local Authorities, the NHS, Connexions, academies and a wide range of private customers. We are proud of the range and quality of the range and quality of creative services we provide.

We would love an opportunity to deliver excellence for you.

We Design with you

Design isn't decoration, it is a mark of your quality, it exists in every element of your customer's experience of you - it symbolises your excellence.

We work to support you in reinforcing your purpose and your reputation.

Our work will help you in your drive to be different, to craft your identity and your voice.

We Create and Regenerate with you

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come" - Victor Hugo

Ideas aren't just for thinking about or even talking about. They are for acting on and turning into reality.

We work to make ideas happen, we bring them to life.


We have photographed in a range of locations and events for clients such as the NHS, Connexions, commercial publications, local authorities and a growing number of private clients. Offering an innovative approach to the promotion of organisations and products, we have photographed for hotels, manufacturers, retailers and customers from across the service industry. We produce high quality creative images whether it is portraiture, a promotional campaign or an important occasion.


We are experienced creative and copywriters. Having produced several publications internally and for clients, we feel that we know how to say things with purpose and style. We enjoy creating promotional material, project evaluations, press releases and articles. We especially enjoy working with people to create longer publications, for example, collecting memories and stories from the past of from different places.


We enjoy and are able to make a number of products in a wide range of materials. We use textiles, concrete, metals and wood, calling on the expertise of colleagues to ensure that we are able to work across specialisms. We have a growing product range and are interested in producing prototypes and products for our clients.