• Client: Various / Category: Community Consultation, Shaping Spaces, Children & Young People.

We are trained CABE Space Shapers and Junior Space Shapers, a method of working with users of and visitors to a space to explore important features and the relationship between form and function. The purpose is to inform the subsequent design process in which a space is evolved to become increasingly loved and fit for purpose

We are passionate about engaging young people in designing their own spaces and wanted to utilise these methods in a school setting - but Space Shaper didn't quite fit. So we have developed School Shaper which has become a very effective practical tool which enables children and young people to actively explore how their learning spaces can be designed. We have worked in several schools, evolving a range of tools to successfully engage students as old as 24 and as young as 4.

An increasing number of successful practical projects have emerged from this dynamic process and we are always keen to do more.