A model garden

Creating a beautiful outdoor learning space

  • Client: Evington Valley Primary School/ Category: Design, School Shaping, Arts, Community Consultation, Children & Young People.

Even very young children are aware of their place in their environment and are capable, with guidance, of helping to shape their learning spaces to that they become places they love, can work effectively in.

Evington Valley School had an outdoor area which was unsafe and an unsuitable layout for school use. So, using the SchoolShaper tool, we set to work doing something about it!

Over 120 children contributed to the specification for the space, made models of it, shared in the delight of recreating it and now enjoy its many useful areas. These include a performance area with seating for a whole class; a storytelling area with its own sit-on unicorn; a sheltered area and a wildlife garden.

The children named it The Enchanted Garden - each year a new group of students work with a ceramic artist to create ceramic flowers and creatures, which add to the garden theme by being displayed across the surrounding walls.